Lawrence Y.Y. Ng

Through decades serving in the Hong Kong Police Force and subsequent practice at the Bar, Lawrence has accumulated extensive experience in all aspects of criminal law, corporate investigations and market misconduct.  Lawrence holds an LLM (HKU) of which Corporate Law, Human Rights, International and PRC Criminal Law are his area of interest. 

Lawrence brings an understanding of a full range of criminal offences to the cases he undertakes; and he is instructed frequently in law enforcement agencies disciplinary hearings. 

He is familiar with large-scale commercial and money-laundering investigations. He regularly advises listed company and overseas company in internal investigation for corporate misconduct; and provides legal opinions in criminal, corporate, listing rules and professional ethical matters. 

Since being called to the Bar, Lawrence has developed expertise in securities and regulatory works. He often acts for listed companies in relation to regulatory investigations pursued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and HKEX.  

On the civil side, he has developed an interest in the area of adverse possession and town planning law in the course of his practice.  

Lawrence’s clients include public listed company, CPA Firm, property developer, investment house, global health care company and overseas trading company.  


Appearing as Junior Counsel for an appeal together with David Perry QC in Court of Appeal and Court of Final Appeal in relation to HKSAR v Nancy Ann Kissel CACC No. 66 of 2012 and FAMC No. 63 of 2013, also known as the 'milkshake murder'.

Appearing as Junior Counsel for a murder trial: HKSAR v Siu Wai Cheong HCCC No. 417 of 2017.

An application for permanent stay of proceedings resulted in the prosecution withdrawing all the respective disciplinary charges related to the ‘affront’ limb: Hong Kong Police Force v A defaulter Disciplinary Report No. 7 of 2018.

Lawrence Y.Y. Ng

Tel: (+852) 2521-5544

Fax: (+852) 2524-5912

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Called to the Bar: Hong Kong 2013

Practice Area(s):

Building and Construction, Company and Securities, Criminal Defence and Prosecution, Disciplinary Proceedings, Immigration, Human Rights.